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Free Bird - Flap for Freedom - new test is looking for testers

Part of the Free Bird - Flap for Freedom testing family

Free Bird - Flap for Freedom - new test, V 2

Developed by Christian Eugenio

Help the birds save the legendary powerful birds that are trapped on a cage. just tap to fly and dodge obstacles. Each bird has its own strengths and weaknesses,find the one that suits you!. * blue bird - balanced * red bird - slow but unpredictable * green bird - very fast *...
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ios 8.0+ Download the app manually from the appstore Free Bird - Flap For Freedom.


Male & Female

13-99 years old

iOS 8.0 - 12.0 b

iPhone, iPad

All corners of the world

11 people are testing this app. Join them!

  Available 19 July - 22 July